Apoorva Agarwal

Hi! 👋 I lead product design at INZMO – an insurtech startup with a mission to make insurance hassle-free, transparent, and not boring. I'm currently based in Tallinn, Estonia. Previously, I led design for paid memberships (subscriptions and payments) at Disney+ Hotstar, India's leading video on demand entertainment platform with 350+ million users.

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First-principles thinking means to dig deep into the most fundamental truth and understand the root cause behind a sentiment before taking actions on any superficial indicators or ideas. This gives me the capability to validate the hypothesis, solve the right problems, minimize risks and craft meanigful human experiences.

Knowing the right tools and research methods to unveil hidden user needs and turning them to insights is an underrated skill with the power to give any product an unsurpassable competitive advantage.

The real value of design is in unlocking the maximum potential of all the teams within an organisation through design thinking. Design is a driver of business growth with inspiration and collaboration at it's heart – I bring visibility and purpose to the work of design across organisation. I'm always checking my empathy and energy, with a keen eye to identify opportunities of growth and identify destructive forces at work.

As an experienced problem solver, I am equipped with many tools, methods and skills needed during different stages of product development – be it research, analysis, process refinements, prototyping, testing, validation or translating concepts to beautiful, delightful, and intuitive interfaces.



💌 5+ yrs designing human centric products
🎓 7 yrs of design education
🏗 Architect in past life
📍 Based in Tallinn, Estonia


I grew up in Gwalior and Raipur – two small towns of India. Art, architecture and editorials always intrigued me as a kid. Following my natural passion, I did architectural schooling from 2008 to 2013, dedicating all my awake time exploring relationships between mass, void and humans.

Post graduation, I joined the Indian government state authority team for the development plan of a new greenfield capital city called "Naya Raipur". This was a unique and historic opportunity. I had massive learnings  as my team closely worked with amazingly talented urban designers, town planners, sociologists, village panchayats, villagers, economists, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, state ranking officials and some of the best architects in the world. It was here that I got introduced to real-life challenges when designing qualitatively at a large scale with goals of inclusivity, sustainability and modern, state-of-the-art development. I also discovered the holy grail of user research, and the unbeatable satisfaction and challenges of social responsibility.

Pursuing Masters in Design

The 2 years spent at IIT Kanpur while studying Masters in Design truly deserves a special mention. I had the privilege to enjoy learning and growing in the comfort of great infrastructure, prestige and a memorable campus life. The curriculum was focussed on human centred design for positive social change with the design thinking and user research methodologies assimilated via participation in real-life projects.

IIT Kanpur –  hostel blocks

Product Design Journey

In 2016, I joined Crowdfire as a Product Designer. It was a social media growth app designed for influencers, sellers, creators and small business owners with millions of global users. As a part of the design team, we worked on features to increase engagement and followers on social media accounts by enabling the users to post regularly and easily to targeted audience. I had a lot to learn here and certainly had the utmost fun.

With the loveliest friends and folks at Crowdfire HQ.

Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar is a leading video on demand platform and one of the most used and downloaded app in India with over 350+ million app downloads. I'm particularly proud of the progress we achieved as a team in improving the product user experience. I'm humbled to have had the opportunity to serve millions of Indians by making entertainment more accessible and appealing. At Hotstar, initially I was part of the core app and ads team – designing highly convertible non-intrusive ads. Later on, I focussed on Hotstar's memberships and payments, successfully contributing to 7 fold increase in memberships with a better brand awareness and a lovely product experience.

With the kick-ass design team at Hotstar – I can vouch for each and everyone!


In Nov 2019, I joined the small but mighty team at INZMO. Working in insurtech is fun and new and I’m up for the challenge to make an impact with my work on an industry that’s still catching up in the tech world.

I'm always happy to collaborate on fun or meaningful projects and mentor young designers. Hit me up when in Tallinn, and I would love to learn more about you over tea. ☕️

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