Project Umbrella – Protecting innocence
5 Designers

Project Umbrella – Protecting innocence

Project Umbrella is a fun interactive workshop kit designed to help children at the most vulnerable age group of 8-12 years and educate them about safe boundaries, recognizing abuse, and talking about it. There's a gap in awareness and education with the existing tools and curriculum – Project Umbrella is the first and one of its kind innovation designed for Indian socio-economic setup and psychology with scalability and cost-effectiveness in mind.
By 9 years of age, 5 out of 10 children have faced some form of sexual abuse. The horrifying part is that 50% of sexual abusers are known to the child. Abuse is often recurrent in such cases. Kids, when exposed to abuse, fail to comprehend the situation even though it’s deeply scarring. Most of the time they start believing that it’s their own fault and keep quiet. Abuse has a deep impact on a child’s psychology and such incidents may completely hamper their growth as an individual. While there is a much greater awareness about other social and health issues, this issue needs special attention and awareness.
the team
5 Designers
Design research and development was done under guidance of Prof. Jhumkee Iyenger with 24+ years of experience
Closely worked with subject matter experts
2014 – Present. 2+ years of R&D with ongoing iterations and implementation plan.



Will create impact in millions of lives


Awarded and featured in leading Indian Press. Recognition by NGOs, subject matter experts, doctors & school teachers


The first outreach was planned for 100+ schools in agreement with National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, India

Detailed case study coming soon...

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