Re-imagining insurance

Re-imagining insurance

I lead product design at INZMO – an insurtech startup with a mission to make insurance hassle-free, transparent, and not boring.
Despite being one of the biggest industries, insurance lacks innovation and is still unattractive and annoying. Our mission is to kill terrible insurance experiences and transform the world’s perception of insurance from being annoying and overwhelming to hassle-free and essential. We thrive on bringing power to the people through technological innovation and customer-centricity.
the team
Currently, I'm the only designer.
I play 2 roles here – one as a full-time designer and problem solver, and the other as a design leader and director.
Since Nov 2019



increase in web traffic within half a year and substantial increase in direct sales

4.6 🌟

Our Google rating has improved


Top 20 Germany's fastest growing startups – Oct 2020

What I've achieved so far

  1. Clearly and consistently communicate product information and value proposition in a consistent brand voice and identify opportunity areas for improved communication via story boarding, content and copy guidelines and product audits.
  2. Introduced product design function at INZMO creating a design aware culture with a shared team goal of being customer first and quality conscious.
  3. Worked with the founding team to surface the company mission, vision, and values to drive product development. It helps us to create more wholesome experiences for our customers and rule out the ideas that do not add to our narrative.
  4. Created experiences for new product offerings such as rental deposit guarantee and buyback while improving the existing experiences in our suite of products such as sales platform, mobile app,, claim portal and partner portal.
  5. Currently working on revamp of the web app and a new unified design system.

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